Supplies to Look for in First Aid Kits for Sports Teams

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Many children have a way of looking before they leap, and that often becomes most apparent on the athletic field. Whether when playing soccer, baseball, or basketball, kids sometimes end up suffering injuries that occur more because of their enthusiasm and energy than anything else.

Adults who oversee such sports and games therefore inevitably do well to be prepared with some basic supplies. A variety of team first aid kits on the market today make it easy to become equipped with everything needed to treat minor cuts, scrapes, bruises, and more.

Basic First Aid Supplies Can Be Some of the Most Important of All

While the materials included with such kits will always vary from one to the next, a handful of supplies are so fundamental that they should almost always be present. Some of these include:

  • Self-adhesive bandages – A small cut or deep scrape that is not covered will sometimes heal just fine on its own, but it is normally better not to take chances. Sterile, self-adhesive bandages are easy to apply properly and will normally remain securely in place until a wound has healed. Supplies like these are probably the most commonly used of all, with various sizes, shapes, and material types being available.
  • Gauze – In some cases, a more significant wound will merit the application of gauze in order to provide more absorptive power. Once again, a kit should include individual sterile packets that can be opened and used when needed.
  • Cloth tape – A gauze pad alone will never be all that useful, however, with some means being needed to keep it sticking in place. A small roll of medical-grade cloth tape will be enough to affix many squares of gauze before it runs out.
  • Antibiotic cream – Finally, some wounds will be significant enough that it will make sense to guard more specifically against the possibility of infection. A tube or individual packets of antibiotic ointment should, therefore, be present in any worthy kit, as well.

Getting Ready to Help Kids Have Fun on the Field

The vast majority of injuries that children suffer while playing sports can be safely addressed with basic supplies like these and a modicum of familiarity with the principles of first aid. Coaches and other adults should therefore always be ready with kits that contain whatever might be needed.